A Quick Overview to Check Credit Card Status

credit card status

So, you’ve applied for a credit card? That’s a smart move, considering the world is going digital and plastic money is all the rage. However, your responsibilities don’t end with the application submission. An essential follow-up is tracking your credit card’s status. If the thought of this seems confusing, don’t worry. The process is quite simple, and by the conclusion of this post, you’ll have a clear understanding of what steps to take. So, let’s begin our exploration without further ado.

What Does ‘Credit Card Status’ Mean

Think of this: you order a pizza and then check if it’s being prepared, dispatched, or delivered. Similarly, applying for a credit card goes through various stages before reaching your hands. The ‘credit card status‘ indicates where your application is in the bank’s processing pipeline. Here are some of the statuses you might come across:

  1. Under Review: It means your application is currently being looked at and is under review.
  2. Approved: Your card is approved and ready to be dispatched. The bank has given a thumbs up.
  3. Dispatched: Your card has been dispatched and will reach you in no time.
  4. Declined: There may have been issues with your application or eligibility and that’s why your credit card application got rejected. 

Why You Should Check Your Credit Card Status

Here’s why it matters:

  1. Understanding where you stand: Just like how you’d want to know if that book you ordered online is shipped, you’d like to know if your credit card application is in good shape or if there’s any obstacle.
  2. Preventing miscommunication or delays: Sometimes, emails from the bank land in the spam folder, or SMS alerts go missing in a sea of promotional messages. Keeping an eye on the status ensures you get all major updates.
  3. Keeping a tab on expected delivery for approved cards: It’s like waiting for your favourite dessert to be delivered. Similarly, if you know your card’s been dispatched, you can ensure you receive it.

Methods to Check Credit Card Status

Here are the various methods by which you can check your credit card status:

  1. Online through the bank’s website: Most banks have an easy ‘Track your application’ feature on their websites. Enter your reference number and you will get an instant status.
  2. Mobile banking apps: If you’ve got your bank’s app on your phone, you can get a status in no time. Log in, head over to the credit card section, and you should find an option to check the status.
  3. Customer service helplines: Call your bank’s customer care, keep your application reference number handy, and a bank representative will fill you in. You can contact them for any queries, including credit card bill reconciliations.
  4. Visiting the bank branch: If any of the above methods doesn’t work for you, visit your bank branch. The bank personnel will help you out right away.

Information Needed to Check Status

Alright, so what information is required to check the status? Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Application reference number: It is a unique number, given to you when you applied, is the quickest way to pinpoint your application among the thousands.
  2. Mobile number or date of birth: It is a unique credential that you need to check the card status. Banks need it to ensure it’s you inquiring about the status of the card. 
  3. Other possible personal identifiers: Sometimes, the bank might want an extra layer of ‘proof it’s you’, so keep handy things like your PAN number or the answer to a security question.

What to Do Next: Based on the Status

Now, depending on what your credit card’s status tells you, here’s what you can do:

  1. If approved, Congrats! Now, watch for the postman because your new card is on the way. Once you receive it, follow the steps to activate it.
  2. If under review: Sit tight, but also stay alert. Sometimes, the bank needs more info or a few more documents. The quicker you respond, the quicker the process moves.
  3. If declined: Firstly, the bank will tell you why. There’s an error you can correct, or you need to improve your credit score. Understand the reasons, work on them, and then you can give it another shot.


The journey from clicking that ‘Apply Now’ button for a credit card to having it in your hand can feel like ages. But here, staying in the loop about your credit card application is more than just appeasing your anticipation. It’s about being on top of your financial game. 

With the digital age we’re in, tracking your credit card status is simpler than ever. It’s like tracking your food delivery but more exciting. And in case of any discrepancies, knowing early can spring into action and sort it out. So, take a deep breath, use the methods we’ve discussed, and glide through your credit card application journey.  

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