Best Digital Signage Menu Boards 2023 List

Consumers want the QSR experience just like ketchup which is always available, smooth, and with a great taste in your mouth. Many QSRs are fusing digital experiences to make their customer experience streamline.

The biggest sticking point for consumers is the wait time. But when you allow your customers to choose what they want before they even get to the order kiosk, they become happy with your services and again return to your business. 

You can offer items and promotions to a larger number of customers with digital signage menu boards while they’re waiting. It helps to reduce wait times by more than 35 percent and improve queue management.

What Are Digital Signage Menu Boards?

A digital signage menu board is a display that shows your items, menu, and promotions. They are fully customizable to your branding, as you can update your menu board at any time.

Mostly, digital menu boards are near the ordering kiosk or mounted on the wall, where customers can see the display.

Top Digital Menu Boards For 2023

Use these below innovative solutions to design and deploy your new digital signage menu boards.

Youdek Displays

This software helps you to show more than just menus on your screens.  So, you can display any type of media content like images and videos to keep your customers engaged. Your menu design also becomes enhanced with on-screen widgets, such as displaying a QR code.

This single-screen option is free for an unlimited amount of time which is a great choice for small QSRs within a tight budget.

Play Signage Display

Play Signage is an editor for designing your digital menus. However, with this menu board software, you can create visually appealing content by adding animation, sound, and other menus to your design. You can also edit your design offline.

Illuminated signs UK makde play signages that links with social media apps. So, you can also promote your social platforms to customers. Its editing capabilities and plugins let you display different forms of content on your menu screens.

Delphi Display

Delphi Display Systems was recently acquired by Toast with years of experience in the signage market. They have earned trust in the restaurant space while using a robust cloud-based professional-grade display, content management system, and media player technology.

QSRs and restaurants want to work with an established brand that has worked with industry leaders. Digital signage menu boards involve a big investment. These are highly recommended because of their solid equipment, great service, and attractive design.

Fresh And Healthy Choice Displays

You can take your restaurant to new heights with the help of this visually appealing menu board display that provides your customers seamless ordering experience.

In addition, these displays are easy to clean and have a simple layout for quick selection and identification of menu items. This digital menu board software lets you to easy customization of colors, fonts, layouts, prices, and nutritional information.

Eye-catching images on this display promote a healthy lifestyle in your customer’s minds and also convey the quality of food, capturing the attention of consumers.

Build Your Perfect Food Displays 

Entice your customers with interactive menu boards, where they can create their culinary wonders. Customers have the option to mix and match the food ingredients to create their ideal combination.

Illuminated signs UK use this software to show their side items, special offers, and add-ons to increase sales. Restaurant owners instantly update menus to reflect prices, new items, or promotions to keep customers engaged and informed.

Flavorful Chinese Menu Adventure Displays

Make this menu board for customers, so they dive into the rich flavors of Chinese cuisine that are sure to tantalize their taste buds. The high-quality images of Chinese menu items give your customers an attractive preview of their selected meals.

Concise descriptions and clear font selection make ordering a breeze for diners and the menu is divided into sections to make it easy for customers to find their favorite dishes.

Rise And Shine All-Day Breakfast Menu Display

Give your customers an option to start their day with this all-day breakfast digital menu board, which is filled with different classic morning delights. Also, the attractive images of breakfast dishes create a pleasant look that entices your customers to choose their favorite morning meal.

Restaurants accommodate customers’ varying preferences by offering an all-day breakfast menu which potentially increases sales and customer satisfaction.


Illuminated signs UK with digital menu boards are an essential tool for businesses in the restaurant industry and hospitality industries. These are looking to improve their customer experience, increase sales, reduce perceived wait times, and better serve their customers.

Customers can easily take advantage of key features of this software to access through their mobile devices and more. However, explore our wide range of signage ideas and start designing the perfect digital signage menu boards for your business today!

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