Celebrate Rakhi By Gifting These Beautiful Flowers To Your Siblings

The festival of siblings that is Rakhi is approaching. Like every year, brothers and sisters must have started planning for the festival. However, every year the most difficult part of Rakhi preparation remains gift selection for siblings. But this year, we will simplify the gift planning for you. 

This Rakhi surprises your brother or sister with beautiful fresh flowers. It is the simplest and most impressive Rakhi gift ever. For this, you also do not have to step out of your house. Order the gift online and get the flower delivery to your doorsteps. Now if you are wondering why flowers are the best Rakhi gift and which flowers are best to gift on Rakhi then continue reading- 

Why flowers are the best gift this Rakhi

  1. Who does not like flowers?

There could not be a single person in the world who does not like flowers. Flowers always cherish people. It makes them happy and excited. Flower gifting can never go out of fashion. Plus, what could be better than gifting a part of nature to your loved ones? Hence, flowers are the best present for Rakhi. 

  1. Festive fragrance

In Indian culture, festivals are incomplete without flowers. Flower decoration is a must in our festivals. So why not celebrate the festival by gifting flowers? The fragrance of exotic flowers like roses, lilies, carnations, etc. can cherish everyone in the house. After gifting, these flowers can be placed in the living room. As a result, the fragrance of flowers will spread throughout the room and every guest can celebrate the fragrance of your Rakhi. 

  1. Fits into the budget

Flowers come in different types, varieties, and prices. If your budget is low then you can buy a bouquet of a few rose strands. Gerber’s bouquet is also cost-effective and beautiful. In comparison, if you have a lumpsum budget then you can buy a huge exotic rose bouquet. You can also buy a bouquet of expensive flowers like lilies and orchids. A bouquet of such expensive flowers can cost you up to 4k to 5k. Hence, flowers are the best gift on any budget. If you can’t buy a bouquet, order a single string and make your Rakhi celebration floral. 

  1. Can be ordered online 

Technology has made everything so easy and simple. Now you don’t have to rush to an orchard or nursery to buy flowers. The facility of online flower delivery has emerged as a savior for you. In many cities, flower vendors offer same-day delivery of bouquets. Hence, for Rakhi you can place online orders for flower bouquets. However, it is better to order the flowers a few days before Rakhi to avoid any last-minute hassle. But. If you forgot to plan any gift for Rakhi, flowers can also prove your last-minute solution. 

  1. A colorful present 

Flowers come in so many different colors and fragrances. There are many colors in a single species of flowers. You can buy a bouquet of different flowers in colors. It will make your Rakhi gift more colorful and attractive. Later, it will also sit well in your living room with other decorations. If brothers gift a colorful bouquet to their sisters on Rakhi, they will definitely love and adore it. 

Best flowers for your siblings 

Flowers have an end number of the ranges. But which are the best for Rakhi present? If you are also wondering this then here are a few suggestions of the best flowers to gift your sibling on Rakhi. 

  1. Exotic Roses

If flowers are Kingdome then Rose is its King. Rose adds color, fragrance, and emotions to every celebration. You can gift a bouquet of beautiful roses to your sister or brother for Rakhi. Roses come in different colors and every color calms the eyes. Red, Yellow, White, and Pink are the most demanded colors of roses. You can either gift a bouquet of any of these roses or get a combination of one or more. Your sibling will definitely love this present because roses are not just flowers, they are emotions. 

  1. Luminous Lillies

Lillies are the best-smelling flowers in any garden. The charismatic fragrance of lilies illuminates the mood. Hence, it is the best flower to gift this Rakhi. Lilli mostly comes in white, yellow, orange, and pink colors. All these colors are equally beautiful and exotic. You can also gift a mixed bouquet of different colored lilies. Plus. if you are bored with gifting roses all the time then lilies will bring the change for you. 

  1. Orchard-fresh Orchids

Orchids are another beautiful flower type that is perfect for a Rakhi gift. Anyone can be lost in the charismatic colors of Orchid strings. In many countries, it is believed that Orchids bring good luck. Hence, by gifting an Orchid bouquet to your sibling, you will gift good luck to them. 

  1. Cheerful Carnations

Another beautiful flower range for Rakhi’s gift is Carnations. The dense carnation flowers come in various beautiful colors. Every color has different magnetic powers which automatically attract people. Hence, it is a perfect gift for Rakhi. You can order a rich bouquet of carnations for the festivals. You can also order a combination of different colored carnation strings. 

  1. Bouquet of multiple flowers

Apart from buying a bouquet of a single flower type, you can also order a mixed bouquet. It will look good and give a variety of fragrances to your sibling. There are multiple combinations you can order from the above-mentioned four flowers only. Red roses and white lilies are one the most elegant bouquet combinations. Similarly, lilies and carnations also go well with each other. You can also add chocolates to the bouquet if your siblings love them. This way, you can order a perfect fragrant flower bouquet for them. 

The Bottom Line 

Flowers are undoubtedly the best gift for any occasion. You can gift any of the above-mentioned flowers to your sibling on Rakhi. The rich and beautiful colors, fresh fragrances, and exotic look make flowers desirable. Hence, this Rakhi gifts a flower bouquet to your sibling and look them cherishing with its fragrance. 

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