Connect with Customers through Custom Tincture Packaging

Custom Tincture Packaging

In the growing CBD industry, developing connections with customers is key to building brand loyalty. For CBD tincture products, custom packaging provides the perfect opportunity to create an intimate unboxing experience that resonates with your target audience. Unique packaging allows CBD brands to tangibly convey their ethos.

Benefits of Custom Tincture Boxes

Spotlight Quality

Professionally printed CBD tincture boxes indicate attention to detail and pride in your products. Thicker cardstocks and finishing accents give an elevated, premium feel. This instills confidence in the quality inside.

Share Your Story

Through custom graphics and text, CBD brands can spotlight their brand narrative. Share your journey, team and commitment to customers’ wellbeing. Customers get to know the real people and purpose behind the products.

Make It Relatable

Include images and messages that resonate with customer lifestyles. Feature real CBD users enjoying your tinctures as part of self-care routines or wellness regimens. Customers see themselves reflected in CBD Packaging.

Promote Sustainability

Eco-friendly production and materials demonstrate shared values with environmentally conscious consumers. Ensure packaging is recyclable and uses non-toxic inks. Promote sustainability directly on boxes.

Materials and Printing


Heavy paper cardstock provides a high-end feel. Options like soft-touch, white, kraft and black give variety. Recycled paperboard is eco-friendly. Add special finishes like spot UV or foil stamping.


For upscale products, custom labeled glass bottles convey durability and transparency. Popular colors are amber, clear and cobalt blue. Achieve an apothecary-style look with decorative caps and seals.

Digital Printing

This allows high-quality, full-color graphics at affordable costs. Include photographic images and lifestyle scenes customers identify with. Digital printing is customizable and quick.


Die-cut folder structures or windows add reveal moments when opened. Strategically placed cutouts highlight tincture flavors or key product claims. Die-cuts attract attention on shelves.

Structural Packaging Design

Bottles & Tubes

Choose containers that complement tincture viscosity and dispensing ease. Include any needed droppers or pumps. Customize Boxes with coatings and decorations like metallics.

Box Size

Scale boxes to properly fit selected bottles. Leave adequate headspace to prevent shifting. Box size should also reflect quantity and dosage. Accurate sizing instills confidence.

Interior Details

Add stamped logos or thank you notes inside boxes to delight customers. Include instructions or supplement info cards. Custom inserts hold bottles securely. Appreciated surprises cultivate loyalty.

Magnetic Closures

For easy resealing after use, magnetic closures offer convenience. They also provide satisfying tactile opening experiences. Magnets add perceived value.


Custom tincture packaging enables CBD brands to tangibly share their purpose, voice and commitment to quality. Unique boxes form memorable unboxing experiences and important brand touchpoints. Through customization that resonates, packaging nurtures meaningful connections with customers. Make every package reinforce why your brand is one to trust and return to.

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