Custom Sleeve Boxes for Your Special Products

Custom Sleeve Boxes

In the competitive world of product packaging, custom sleeve boxes offer an impactful way for brands to showcase and protect their items. Sleeves provide a flexible canvas to creatively display products while forming durable enclosures. For businesses with unique or premium products, custom sleeves enable showcasing specialty offerings to customers in memorable ways.

Benefits of Custom Sleeves


With their six printed sides, custom sleeves maximize visibility of your product. Vibrant graphics and photos on the exterior capture attention. Transparent window cutouts feature the product while still protecting it. This visibility in retail displays helps drive purchasing.


Sleeves adapt to many shapes, sizes and materials. They slip over product containers seamlessly, fitting like a glove. Sleeves can be created with coatings and special varnishes to complement luxury items. Versatility allows customization for a perfect fit.


The tight fit of sleeves prevents shifting and friction that damages product containers. Custom Boxes or padding can protect fragile items. Water-resistant coatings shield against leaks and spills. Tamper-evident seals maintain safety and quality.

Product Information

Unlike boxes, sleeves provide the ideal shape to fit lengthy product descriptions, instructions, ingredients and compliance information. Custom printing allows communication right on the package in a readable format.

Materials for Custom Sleeves


This versatile paper-based material provides an optimal balance of protection and printability. Options like white, metalized and colored paperboard suit all packaging needs. Recycled paperboard is an eco-friendly choice


Plastic sleeves are durable and transparent for maximum product visibility. Polypropylene and PET are commonly used. They resist moisture and provide clarity and shine. Plastic is recyclable and can have anti-scratch coatings.


For upscale gifting, fabric like muslin, linen or burlap adds natural texture. Fabric can feature custom embroidered logos and tags. Fabric sleeves give products a soft, handcrafted feel perfect for luxury goods.

Shrink Wrap

This plastic cling wrap molds to any shape and seals in products. It allows full product visibility. Shrink wrap can incorporate custom graphics by using printed adhesive labels. It works well for multipack bundles.

Customizing Sleeves


Move beyond basic rectangles with unique shapes like tapered sleeves boxes, hourglass forms, or die-cut handles. Angled ends provide easier access to contents. Contoured sleeve shapes reflect product shapes.


Strategically placed die-cuts showcase products or ingredients. Windows attract attention on store shelves. Use transparent film for smudge-proof windows. Foil-lined windows only show contents when back-lit.


Soft touch coatings add tactile dimension. Spot gloss makes graphics pop. Anti-scratch coats protect images. Water-resistant and antimicrobial finishes add practical function. Metallic foils provide shine.


Close sleeves securely using tabs, perforations, glue and magnets. For functionality, add reclosable zip strips, Velcro dots or reusable stickers. Closures allow easy repacking after first opening.


For specialty products worth showcasing, custom sleeves enable brands to package items uniquely and enticingly. Sleeves also protect fragile or premium goods for delivery. With full customization of size, materials and print finishes, sleeves become an extension of the product itself. Give your distinctive offerings bespoke packaging with custom sleeves thoughtfully designed to present products in ways customers will cherish.

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