Home Security And Some Of The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid

Imagine arriving home from work, hoping for a calm evening with your loved ones. However, when you walk inside, you are faced with chaos – your valuables scattered, precious items missing, and a horrible feeling in your gut. Every day, thousands of homeowners face this nightmare, and you might be surprised to find that many of these break-ins are preventable with the help of security solutions provided by the largest security system company.

In this blog post, we will delve deep into home security and highlight several common mistakes that may unwittingly put your home at risk. Are you prepared to take the first step toward achieving peace of mind? Let’s get started!

Not Locking Your Windows & Doors

Let us start with something significant: locking your doors and windows. It may appear obvious, yet many individuals neglect to do it. This can certainly prove to be a significant error and mistake. Assume you have a front door that you do not lock. It’s like telling burglars, “Come on in; my home is an easy target!”

People sometimes leave their doors and windows unlocked because they believe they will only be out for a short time and there is no need to lock them. But here’s the thing: burglaries can happen in a flash, typically in less than 10 minutes. So, even if you only go out for a few minutes, lock your windows and doors properly. Make it difficult for the bad guys to get in!

Hiding Keys Outside

The common blunder many people make is leaving spare house keys outside. Many people do this in an emergency or when someone needs access to their home. The catch is that most people hide their keys in prominent places, making it easier for burglars to find them.

Putting the spare key under the welcome mat or a nearby flowerpot, for example, is like offering the burglars a treasure map! They are well aware of these places. Therefore, they know where to look when finding an entry to your home. Instead, be very much intelligent and strategic about it if you want to hide keys outside of your home for whatever purpose. The greater the distance from your home, the better. Consider utilizing a disguised item, such as a false rock, but ensure it blends with the surrounding environment. It should also not seem very much fake.

Remember, the key to keeping your home safe is not making things easy for the bad guys. So, let’s be smart about where we hide those spare keys!

Getting Outdoor Lights

Many people install outside lights to brighten up their yards at night. They do this for home security. They might install ordinary security lights that stay on all night, or they could employ timers and sensors to turn on the lights automatically after dark. The problem is that these static lights might provide dark hiding spots for potential invaders.

Instead, using motion sensors installed by the largest security system company is a wiser and more effective approach. When someone tries to get inside your home, these sensors detect movement and turn on the lights. It’s almost as if you caught them off guard. This is something that usually scares them away. Furthermore, the rapid burst of light may attract the attention of neighbors or passersby.

Motion sensors not only make your home safer, but they also conserve energy and lower your utility bills. As a result, with greater security and cost savings from longer-lasting light bulbs, it’s a win-win situation. Consider using motion sensors for a safer and more brilliant outdoor lighting setup!

Leaving Expensive Item Packaging By The Curb

Well, it is a fact that in some neighborhoods, trash and recycling are collected from the curb. But there is an issue in that, and there are high chances that you might be making a mistake here which may put your home security at risk. Keeping those large boxes and packaging out in the open indicates to everyone that you have something of high value in your home.

Now, we are not saying that you should not leave the packaging by the curb. You can do that. But to prevent attracting unwanted attention, it’s a good idea to tear down the packaging before placing it out for collection. You can break the boxes into smaller pieces with a utility knife and arrange them to hide what they originally carried. This way, you’re not alerting potential robbers to the presence of expensive and valuable stuff in your house. So, let us be careful with packaging and keep our valuable possessions safe from those looking to steal them.

Valuable Items Being Visible

We often forget that windows work in both directions: although we can look outside, potential invaders can also see inside. If you have expensive and precious items in your home, see if they are visible from the windows. This is something you should undoubtedly check, especially if you live on the ground floor. On the first floor, for example, bedrooms may have jewelry or other precious items on dressers. Oversized items, such as televisions, might also draw unwanted attention.

Consider closing the curtains or blinds in the evening to keep your belongings safe. This way, you’re not showing off your valuable possessions to passers-by. You can also keep things hidden or at a location known only to you. Don’t commit the mistake of making your valuables highly visible to other people. It is essential to be mindful of what’s visible inside your home to protect your valuables and maintain your security in the best manner possible.

Alarm System Visibility

A lot of times, the security installation crew does not provide sufficient guidance to their customers. They can put the control pad somewhere visible outside, such as through a first-floor window. This can be a significant issue since potential burglars can look in and see if the alarm system is activated or deactivated. Even if you have a yard sign from the security provider, it won’t help if they know the system is turned off. This is especially true at night when the status light indicates the system is working, similar to a bright signal in a dark home.

To avoid making this error, place the control pad somewhere that is not seen from the outside. This keeps the element of surprise and makes it more difficult for robbers to determine whether your alarm system works. Remember, the goal is to outwit burglars and ensure your home security system is fully functional! It would be best to have assistance from a reliable and largest security system company in this regard. They can help you install the alarm system effectively and place the control pad strategically.

Access To Ladder

In this blog post, the mistakes that we have highlighted are mainly related to the first floor so far. This is because burglars usually prefer easy access without bringing a ladder. But, some homeowners unknowingly make it easier for burglars to reach their second floor.

It’s a bad idea to leave ladders lying around the yard or hanging on the back of the garage. If robbers see a ladder, it may entice them to find a second-floor entry. Burglars frequently take risks, so don’t make it simple for them by keeping a ladder within their reach. Instead, keep your ladder safely stored and out of sight. By doing this, you eliminate the temptation for robbers to attempt a second-floor break-in, making your property more secure against possible invaders.


The above are some common mistakes that many homeowners unknowingly make, putting their lovely homes at a significant security risk. However, by following the advice mentioned and taking help from the best and the largest security system company, you can make your home more secure and safe.

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