Human Reproduction Intrauterine Insemination IUI Treatment Lahore

IUI Treatment Lahore

One of the best-known treatments in Assisted Reproduction is the famous Intrauterine Insemination IUI Treatment Lahore, also known as Artificial Insemination. In this technique, the semen is deposited in the woman’s uterine cavity. It is divided into two modes:

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Medium Complexity:

Where fertilization occurs in the body and does not require a complex laboratory structure or surgical environment for its performance, they also use simple and low-risk protocols for ovarian stimulation. Medium-complexity intrauterine insemination is the introduction into the uterus of semen prepared in the laboratory to obtain pregnancy. Insemination brings the egg(s) closer to the sperm, so fertilization occurs naturally in the fallopian tube.

High Complexity:

In this case, fertilization takes place in the laboratory, which is why we call it In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), requiring sophisticated laboratory equipment and involving more complex ovarian stimulation protocols.

To define the best treatment, it is essential to complete an assessment of the couple or those involved to determine whether we should start with something simpler or whether it would be advisable to go straight to the High Complexity protocol.

This is justified, as any treatment, however simple, involves emotional exhaustion and frustration if the result is negative. Thus, it is necessary to carry out Fertility Research before indicating a particular treatment so that one does not insist on an option with low chances of success.


Intrauterine insemination is the introduction into the uterus of semen prepared in the laboratory to obtain pregnancy. Insemination brings the egg(s) closer to the sperm, so fertilization occurs naturally in the fallopian tube.



Ovarian stimulation is an essential step for successful IUI Treatment Cost in Pakistan. Its objective is to stimulate more than one oocyte, two or three at the most, to increase the positive result rate due to the quantity and quality of the oocytes produced.

Many studies have demonstrated the benefits of ovarian stimulation compared to spontaneous cycles. The pregnancy rate without ovarian stimulation is shallow, both in programmed intercourse (about 1.5%) and insemination (about 4%). Comparing the pregnancy rates between groups of patients who had their ovaries stimulated with others who did not, pregnancy rates up to five times higher were found in the group that received stimulation.

For ovarian stimulation, it is essential that the gynecologist not only be aware of the medications used in the routine of this procedure but also performs ultrasound exams to monitor follicular development. If the professional does not have this resource, he should partner with an experienced ultrasound clinic that can assess the ovulatory cycle from the onset of menstruation.

The first exam should occur on the 2nd or 3rd day of menstruation to confirm the absence of follicles remaining from the previous cycle. Then it should be repeated according to follicular development until at least one strand with an average diameter of 18 mm and the endometrium thicker than 7 mm.

A clinical analysis laboratory that delivers results of estradiol and progesterone hormone dosages within a few hours can be helpful in situations where there are doubts about the actual phase of the ovulatory cycle or whether ovulation occurred before the expected period. When this happens, canceling the procedure should be considered.


To perform intrauterine insemination, preparing the seminal sample in the laboratory is necessary.

The ideal method for Semen Test Lahore is masturbation in an appropriate room attached to the IUI. The laboratory must provide the collection bottle, have a wide mouth, and be made of material previously tested for toxicity to sperm motility. All ejaculated material is deposited in the collection bottle. The home collection follows the same guidelines, requiring a kit to be collected from the laboratory. The material must be evaluated within one hour after collection.

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As for the success rate of low-complexity treatments, it is closely related to the cause of infertility, but it is lower than that of high-complexity techniques.

In anovulatory patients, we have an ovulation rate of 70% to 80% with ovarian stimulation. When this is the only cause of infertility, the pregnancy rate with programmed intercourse reaches 20-25% per cycle, with a Cumulative pregnancy rate in six months of up to 60-75% in these cases. After this time, the prognosis is poor. In other cases, the chances of programmed intercourse are low.

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