Learn How To Finance Your Wedding With A Personal Loan

Wedding loans

A wedding is a joyous occasion for everyone. It is special for the couple getting married and the people involved, especially the family members. So, there should not be a place for inadequate efforts. However, weddings come with a lot of responsibility from several fronts, and finances are the primary one. In order to make a wedding memorable, financial investment is imperative.

If you are worried about your finances before planning your wedding, do not hold back; wedding loans are here to the rescue. You can apply for a wedding loan and plan your dream wedding without any worries.

How can you finance your big day with a marriage loan?

Nowadays, the choices regarding marriage, such as venue, decorations, theme, food everything, have become more extravagant than before. As a result, financing a wedding can be quite an expense to manage. But you can easily manage your big day with a dedicated financing option like a personal loan.

So, here are some ways you can use the loan to your advantage –

· Venue booking: You can use your personal loan for a wedding to book your dream venue and decorate it according to the designs and themes that you have imagined for your wedding.

· Pre-wedding photoshoot: Before the wedding, every couple wants to make memories that they will cherish for their whole life. You can use this marriage loan to organise a pre-wedding photoshoot.

· Catering arrangements: With this loan, you can book catering for your wedding. Offer the greatest food to your invitees by booking an ideal catering service that will make your wedding memorable.

· Jewellery and wedding outfits: Every girl has a dream outfit for her wedding; that can be an expensive lehenga or anything else. You can utilise this loan to buy your dream attire and jewellery to make your wedding look graceful.

· Bachelor/bachelorette party: As time went by, a concept of bachelor/bachelorette parties took place. At this party, the couple getting married spends their last few bachelor days with their friends. You can use this loan to arrange such an event that will also add to the memories of your wedding.

These are the ways that a personal loan can help you finance your marriage. Wedding loans are a very helpful option when you need financial backing while planning your dream wedding.

Documents required for a wedding loan

Thankfully, the application process for a marriage loan in India can be done online and offline. You just need to meet the easy eligibility parameters and submit the required documents, and without any hassle, your loan will be approved quickly.

The documents required for this loan are similar to any other personal loan. 

1. Identity proof: Aadhaar card/PAN card/Voter ID card/Passport etc.

2. Address proof: Utility bills/Passport/Driving licence/Aadhar card, etc.

3. Employment proof: Salary slips, employment certificate, business registration details, etc.

4. Income proof: Salary slips/Form 16/Business profit and loss statement/ITR

Final words

Indian weddings are typically extravagant as they unite two families and become a celebration of everything. It is an auspicious and bright occasion for both families. Therefore, one should not resist their urges to make the most of it. Therefore, to make them lavish and memorable, you can always avail a personal loan for a wedding and have a ceremony to remember for a lifetime.

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