Some Interesting Facts That Encourage You To Visit Cambodia

Some Interesting Facts That Encourage You To Visit Cambodia

Cambodia is situated in southeast Asia. Capital city of Cambodia is Phnom Penh. It is a land of rivers and plains, providing a trading route for China and India. However, it is a poor country in Asia.

But Cambodia is rich in natural beauty. It has natural landscapes, beaches, religious landmarks, and lush green forests. Therefore, it is one of the most attractive places on the globe. Other specialties of Cambodia are its gemstones, textiles, wood & stone carvings, etc.The Cambodians speak the Khmer language. Khmer is the official language of Cambodia. However, there are different other languages used by minorities and majorities in Cambodia. 

The monsoon season dominates in Cambodia. This is the reason for the lush green forests in it.  

Cambodia is Famous For?

Cambodia is famous for its beauty, culture, architecture, food, romantic coastal hotels and resorts, and traditions. It is a famous traveling destination with temples, colonial buildings, townhouses, and various museums that remind us of the history of Cambodia. 

It has a single official language spoken by 90% of natives. But Cambodia also gives importance to some other foreign languages, such as French and English. Minority languages are Tumpoon, Lao, Yue, Jarai, Cham, Vietnamese, etc. Despite the importance of other languages, Khmer is preferably used in this region. Some people are unable to understand this language, so Khmer translation services are there to help them out. Tourists and minority language-speaking people especially use these services for visiting and educational purposes. 

These services translate the Khmer language into the target language of the people. So that minorities in this country get equal access to education.

Recommending Facts That Enhance your Interest in Cambodia

Cambodia is a fascinating destination and has a wealth of interesting facts. These interesting facts about Cambodia encourage you to visit Cambodia soon. But never forget to use the services of a professional translation company because it makes your tour comfortable in terms of communication and travel to the tour places. Therefore, it avoids the risks of miscommunication while traveling to foreign countries.

Here are some facts that exasperate your interest in this country.

Angkor Wat

It is the world’s largest religious monument. However, it is situated in Siem Reap. It is a Hindu-structured religious building. It is famous for its architecture. 

The structure of this building is built on the flag of Cambodia. It is the only country in the world that has a picture of the building on its flag.

People from different backgrounds who like to visit historical architecture visit Cambodia to enjoy its beauty. Due to the diversity of this region, they must use Khmer translation services that translate important visiting information and country maps into the native language of the tourists. 


Cambodian food is a blend of various delicious flavors. Fresh coastal seafood is famous in this region. The street food in the central market of Phnom Penh is fresh and tasteful.  

Warm Hospitality 

There are very few tourist destinations in the world that warmly welcome expats. Cambodians show friendly behavior and welcome tourists warmly with smiles on their faces. Therefore, they are kind and helpful. Additionally, the Khmer people also love to share their cultures with non-natives. They are very hospitable.  

Floating Villages of Cambodia

It sounds weird that there are houses and buildings on the water. Yes, life on water. Cambodia has four villages that are present on the water. These are present on the Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia.

This is the favorite tourist place for cultural people. Visitors from all around the world plan a trip here. And yes, a professional translation agency provides its services in water villages too.   

Attraction Captivating Markets 

Markets are always the point of attraction for tourists. They always try to buy something for their loved ones while visiting their favorite destinations. So Cambodia also has various attractive markets. Phnom Penh has a vibrant Russian market. Siem Reap night market is also famous for tourists. 


This region has diverse wildlife, including various types of mammals (Asian golden cat, dhole), birds, reptiles ( kukri snake, red-headed krait), fishes (Barbus, Labeo), etc. This region have so many parks. Therefore, there is a vast variety of wildlife in these parks. People like to visit this place to see a variety of animals.    

Handicrafts of Cambodia Locals

Cambodians are famous for stone carvings, silver jewelry, and silk scarves for women. You can see these handicrafts everywhere for sale in the market. 

Additionally, the Cambodians like to gift these handicrafts to visitors. They always show their love for expats by giving them presents.  

The Famous TukTtuk Rides

Every country has a special type of transport for which it is famous around the world. As Pakistan is famous for bike rides, France for railway tracks, etc. Therefore, Cambodia is famous for Tuk-Tuk rides. In which you can explore the city at low prices. Never forget to ride this transport if you ever visit Cambodia. 

Responsible Tourism

Cambodia has gained the attention of tourists over the past few decades. The reason behind it is that they offer responsible tourism to expats. They welcome other religious people warmly. Cambodia especially focuses on its tourism industry. 

Instead of their local language, Khmer translation services provide local language translations to visitors to provide them with an enjoyable trip. 

Why Should You Use Translation Services In Cambodia? 

Cambodia uses Khmer as its primary language but it also respects other languages. But the translation of the language during your tour in other countries makes your trip pleasant and delightful. It prevents you from facing problems during tourism. 

The professional translation agency provides you with the translation of maps, touring information, transport information, restaurant and hotel booking information, and all other required visiting information that is essential during the trip in other language-speaking countries.  


Cambodia is the most affordable country to visit for tourists. Its natural beauty, architecture, and historical landmarks are plus points. So these interesting facts about Cambodia attract people from all over the planet to visit it once in their lives.

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